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Proteoderm, Inc

Proteoderm, Inc has developed a line of anti-aging skin care cosmetics based on stem cell derivatives.
Proteoderm is the first company to use a matrix of proteins originally derived from non-embryonic stem cells, Matrix NC-138, to harness the anti-aging potential of stem cells in cosmeceutical products. Proteoderm does not use enzymes, collagen or growth factors which are the ingredients of other anti-aging cosmeceuticals and Proteoderm does not utilize embryonic stem cells as a source for its anti-aging skin care products.

Proteoderm’s Product Line - Matrix NC-138

Proteoderm’s anti-aging skin care system was developed from the research labs of Proteonomix, Inc.. Scientifically studied, and formulated, Proteoderm, Inc. brings lab grade products and services to you. The Matrix NC-138 line of skin care products includes a cleanser, exfoliator, day cream, night cream, and under eye serum. All skin care products can be purchased in an anti-aging kit.

Proteonomix, Inc

Proteoderm, Inc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Proteonomix, Inc., formally National Stem Cell, Inc..

Proteonomix, Inc. (PROT),, is a biotechnology company is dedicated to the development of therapeutics based on the use of human cells and their derivatives. Headquartered in Mountainside, New Jersey, Proteonomix has been working for almost a decade with leading scientists and universities, researching the potentials and therapeutics of stem cells to treat a broad array of diseases.

"PROTEODERM and MATRIX NC-138 are trademarks of Proteoderm, Inc. and is a trademark of Proteonomix, Inc."