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How does Proteoderm work?

Proteoderm acts on skin to enhance activities that contribute to reducing wrinkles and rejuvenate skin cells. More information about how it works can be found on our SCIENCE - HOW IT WORKS page.

What is the active ingredient of Proteoderm?

The active ingredient is a natural matrix of Proteins called Matrix NC-138. It is found in several of the products that make up the Proteoderm Kit, or system of Products.

How long does it take Proteoderm to work?

You may see initial results in just a few days when using the complete Proteoderm System of products. Maximum results are seen by the sixth week of use.

How long does a Proteoderm Kit last?

The Proteoderm Kit was designed to last up to three months, if used as directed. Each person uses a slightly different amount when they do a ‘finger dab’. Some people will find the kit lasts a bit shorter or longer than three months.

Can I use just one of the Proteoderm products, such as the serum or night cream?

Typical results can vary depending on skin type, age, and degree of skin damage. However, regardless of skin type, maximum result are seen in all cases by using the complete Proteoderm kit.

What do I do if Proteoderm causes itching or a rash?

Immediately discontinue use. Wash area, and please contact your physician and Proteonomix.

Why does Proteoderm work better than any other skin care product?

Proteoderm was developed in a scientific laboratory as a result of research into stem cells and skin rejuvenation. We are unaware of any other product that contains our NC-138 that enables the regeneration of collegen which is gradually damaged and destroyed in the aging process.

Is Proteoderm like Botox?

No, Botox relaxes skin and the muscles that underlie skin, reducing DEEP wrinkles. Proteoderm enhances the skin to reduce fine wrinkles.

Where is Proteoderm made?

Proteoderm is produced in the United States. Its ingredients are all laboratory grade.

Are there any ingredients that are stem cells?

There are no stem cells or other cells in Proteoderm. Our Active Matrix NC-138 allows the environment for your own cells to produce new collagen and rejuvenate your own skin cells.

What happens when I stop using Proteoderm?

Typically, over a few months period, your skin will loose the beneficial effects of Proteoderm, much like when you discontinue use of Botox.

What happens if I run out of Proteoderm, or don’t use it for a week or two?

A week or two of non usage will not effect long term benefits, if you continue to use Proteoderm.

Can I use Proteoderm on scars?

Proteoderm should not be used on keloids or raised scars, however, most scars seem to benefit in appearance when Proteoderm is used.

Where can I go to receive more information about Proteoderm?

You may contact the company at for further questions or information

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